Course Tour

Course Tour

This is a beautiful course designed by A. W. Tillinghast. The course had a major renovation in 2003 and is in great shape. From the championship the course measures 6582 yards with six par 3's, five par 5's and seven par 4's with trees lining the fairways and deep rough, the course will challenge every level of golfer in each aspect of the game. Our greens are extremely smooth, the rough can be deep, the fairways are immaculate and the scenery is beautiful.

Course: Rating 71.1 / Slope 126
Total: 6331 Yards, Par 71

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In


Hole 1 | Par 4
Handicap Men: 9 | Women: 7

Black: 342
Blue: 327
White: 317
Red: 302

Beware of out of bounds to the right of the fairway and tall, mature trees to the left. Good approach shots will be rewarded with gently breaking putts. This hole provides a good opportunity for the player to get off to quick start with birdie or par to get momentum going for the rest of the round.


Hole 2 | Par 4
Handicap Men: 7 | Women: 9

Black: 381
Blue: 348
White: 309
Red: 302

If the player manages a tee shot to the fairway a short iron approach awaits as the fairway is sloped from right to left. If the pin is in the back, long on a second shot will leave an extremely fast and difficult pitch from behind the green.


Hole 3 | Par 5
Handicap Men: 3 | Women: 1

Black: 605
Blue: 589
White: 558
Red: 467

A creek runs along the right side of the hole and eventually disects the fairway 300 yards from the championship tee, which makes the 3rd a true three shot hole. After a successful lay up players face a beautiful shot across a lake to a green guarded fiercely by two bunkers-one in front of the green and one behind.


Hole 4 | Par 3
Handicap Men: 17 | Women: 17

Black: 172
Blue: 168
White: 161
Red: 119

Club selection is key depending on weather conditions as the hole may show its teeth with a strong wind into the player. This picturesque par 3 with tall trees and a large lake in front of the green offers a great view of the clubhouse and holes 1, 5 and 9. The green sits down below the elevated tee box adding to the beauty of the hole itself.


Hole 5 | Par 4
Handicap Men: 11 | Women: 11

Black: 331
Blue: 311
White: 286
Red: 262

For the longer hitter the green may be reached on the tee shot, but most would be better off laying back and hitting a wedge into a green that slopes severely from back to front. A creek guards the left side of the hole from the tee to 40 yards short of the green.


Hole 6 | Par 4
Handicap Men: 1 | Women: 5

Black: 443
Blue: 423
White: 405
Red: 367

The green may not be visible on the approach shot if you are coming in from 160 yards or more, aim wisely as bunkers are left and right of this green. Any shot offline will be sure to find trouble from tee to green on this difficult and long par four.


Hole 7 | Par 3
Handicap Men: 15 | Women: 15

Black: 231
Blue: 217
White: 202
Red: 367

Fortunately for the player the greens sits tilted back to front to better accept these longer tee shots. Bunkers are featured left and right of the green so a premium on accuracy is a demanding requirement. Birdies are few and far between on this hole, relish one if it finds you.


Hole 8 | Par 5
Handicap Men: 5 | Women: 3

Black: 584
Blue: 571
White: 545
Red: 461

The hill leaves nearly all with a blind second shot. Players may not want to be very aggressive on the lay-up due to the alley of trees guarding left and right sides of the hole and bunkers down the left 60 yards and in. Five is always a good score on this hole, take it and run to the next tee.


Hole 9 | Par 3
Handicap Men: 13 | Women: 13

Black: 232
Blue: 211
White: 177
Red: 153

Just short and left of the green lies a sand trap, certainly the player who has the ability to control his distances with long irons or fairway woods will have a decided advantage on this par 3. Leimbach’s View: "It presents a difficult 230-yard shot.."


Hole 10 | Par 5
Handicap Men: 2 | Women: 2

Black: 529
Blue: 524
White: 504
Red: 480

An elevated tee shoots down to a tree lined fairway. Preferably the player will hit the right side of the fairway leaving a simple lay up shot or a chance to hit the green in two. The green slopes towards the player so a good shot here will hold the surface. Be wary of the creek running down the left rough and in front of the green.


Hole 11 | Par 3
Handicap Men: 14 | Women: 14

Black: 181
Blue: 162
White: 144
Red: 123

Do not gauge the difficulty of this hole by the yardage. The green is well guarded by a deep bunker to the left and a steep slope leading down towards the creek on the right. Deep rough around the green can make chipping a nightmare. Take the easy road and hit the green off the tee, two putt and walk to the 12th tee happy.


Hole 12 | Par 4
Handicap Men: 4 | Women: 4

Black: 442
Blue: 432
White: 422
Red: 287

The 12th measures over 440 yards from the championship tee box and dog-legs slightly from right to left. Trees run down the right rough all the way to the green. The left side is no picnic either with out of bounds and a bunker about 175 yards from the putting surface. The green is very deep so take into consideration where the pin is at and select your club wisely.


Hole 13 | Par 3
Handicap Men: 18 | Women: 18

Black: 155
Blue: 132
White: 128
Red: 92

Though short in distance, the hole will test even the best players ability to control his distances with his irons. Take a tip from the pro's on this hole and use 1/2 more club than you normally would from this distance. Any pin hunting to the right side of this green brings all the water into play.


Hole 14 | Par 4
Handicap Men: 8 | Women: 12

Black: 382
Blue: 376
White: 339
Red: 246

Once in the fairway the player will have a short iron approach to a green that slopes away from the clubhouse. A sand trap to the right of the green will catch errant approaches and any shot missed to the left side encounters a fast moving chip to a green sloping away from the player.


Hole 15 | Par 4
Handicap Men: 12 | Women: 12

Black: 362
Blue: 357
White: 352
Red: 335

A downhill lie awaits the player as well as a green that slopes seveerly towards the fairway. A shot above the hole will require superb touch and feel with a wedge or even putter. Don't be too careful however, and leave the ball in the two bunkers short, guarding the green or in the creek just past the fairway.


Hole 16 | Par 3
Handicap Men: 16 | Women: 14

Black: 209
Blue: 203
White: 190
Red: 174

The green flows back down hill towards the tee, away from the clubhouse. Any miss left has a chance to save par, the trees on the right can even come into play on a chip shot. Another smooth, perfect green awaits your arrival. Catch your breath after the walk up to the green and make the putt.


Hole 17 | Par 5
Handicap Men: 6 | Women: 6

Black: 510
Blue: 500
White: 486
Red: 445

If you miss your tee shot, miss right, only a tight line of trees greets you down the left. The fairway is severely downhill giving the player an awkward stance for their second shot. A bunker short right of the green swallows approaches. If you are fortunate and skillful enough to reach in two, a relatively flat putting surface beckons.


Hole 18 | Par 5
Handicap Men: 10 | Women: 4

Black: 486
Blue: 480
White: 467
Red: 415

A fairway bunker is located in the right rough about 250 yards from the center of the green. The fairway slopes from left to right as well as being uphill, players must then factor the lie carefully on the second shot. The green is surrounded by bunkers short, left and right. Out of bounds over the green comes quickly into play.